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Biography / Discography / Artist Statement

Anello Capuano Biography 

Anello Capuano started to play drums in 1963. Although he is a fan of Elvin Jones and listens mainly to modern jazz, he plays with various pop groups in countless ballrooms the hits of the day (from the Shadows to the Beatles).

In 1966 he lives in London for six months and he realizes that his life and his music will never be the same again. He begins to get heavily involved with progressive rock and experimental jazz and in 1968 he records his own songs with the group THE DHARMA BUMS in Milano for the label of Adriano CELENTANO.

In 1968/69 he begins a long collaboration with Shawn PHILLIPS with whom he participates in the recording of the LP "Second contribution" in London (1970) and performs at the Isle of Wight pop festival.

Between 1971 and 1974 he travels extensively to Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India where he begins getting acquainted with oriental music and way of life. From 1975 to 1980 he settles in Morocco where he studies Moroccan and Arabian traditional music as well as classical western music at the Conservatory of Marrakech. He graduates with a 5th year's diploma for the Ud (the classical Arabian lute) and practices arabo-andalusian music (al-Ala) and various instruments (strings, winds, percussions) of the Moroccan folklore. Co-founder of the group IBIS (with the American musician Richard HOROWITZ, French musicologist Louis SORET, Moroccan violinist Abdellatif KARTOUMA and the gnawa maallem Brahim EL BALKANI), he plays in several concerts and international festivals with an original fusion of oriental music and jazz. He gives concerts of classical Arabian music with the Conservatory Orchestra of Marrakech. He composes for ballets, slide shows and the theatre (including shadows and puppets). As a comedian-musician he performs in several plays for which he designs sometime the set and the costumes. From 1980 to 1982 he resides in Benares (India) where he attends the classes of musicology at the Banaras Hindu University. He studies the Sarod (North India classical lute), takes lessons of Dhrupad classical singing, of Tabla (North India classical drum) and of Rabab-i-kashmiri (Kashmiri /Afghani lute). He gives demonstrations on the Ud and on Arabian music at the Banaras Hindu University and other venues in Benares. He researches on the Indian classical and folk instruments and on the different forms of traditional Indian dance and theatre.

Then he settles in South of France and attends various master classes in Venice with professor Salah el MAHDI (Arabian music) and the great sitar player Budhaditya MUKHERJEE (North Indian music). From November 1983 to February 1984, he is again in India where, with a scholarship granted to ISTAR (International Society for Traditional Art Research) by the Ford Foundation, he researches on Indian singing classical style "Dhrupad" and farther his studies of Indian traditional theatre. From 1984 he has worked extensively in Germany, giving workshops of oriental percussions, concerts of oriental music (Maghreb, Middle East, Central Asia, and India) and performing in several oriental dance shows with NAHEMA, Sarah SAIDA, Ellen ERIKSEN, NASSIM, GAMILA and other dancers. In 1987 he co-found "LA NOUVELLE COMPAGNIE DES SOTS" which, aiming to revival the various facets of medieval theatre creates and performs the musical play "Pauvre Colin" all over France. In 1988 he joins the "TAG TEATRO" of Venice, a leading name in Italian Commedia dell'Arte, and plays the Captain's role in the play "Freaks" staged by Carlo BOSO for which he composes and performs the music as well. "Freaks" tours in various international festivals (Spain, Italy, France, Norway, and Turkey). In 1989 accompanies on the Sarod several shows and workshops of Kathak (a form of classical dance in North of India) with French dancer Andreine BELL with whom he performs also in the musical show "Saalam Lucknow" for which he composes the original music. In August 1989 he settles in Paris and starts to get acquainted with computers and home-studio techniques. He has participated in different theatre and music ensembles: LOìNHDANA, AELIXIR, PERCEVAL, TUTTI SHRUTI ORCHESTER, TAQSIM, PORQUE TROBAR, SPONDO, and performed widely in France, Belgium, England, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Spain, Holland, Norway, Canada, USA, Israel, Morocco, Greece, Romania, Turkey, Djibouti, QAtar, Reunion Island, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan.
Co-founder then director of the "COMPAGNIE DE L'ASTROLABE" he stages several musical shows (The adventures of Don Quichotte, The legend of the prince Ahmed al Kamal, The juggler in hell) and he has collaborated with many musicians and artists in various artistic fields: Robert ALTMAN, Diane KURYS, Jeanne BOURIN, Sarah TOUSS-MATTON, Hugues DE COURSON, Philippe LAURENT, Christian BOISSEL, DJOUDJOURA, Ahmed BEN DIAB. He has been the conceiver and the musical director of the project "LE CAIFFA" which brings together traditional folk music and instruments from Limousin (Central France) with different styles of oriental music. He created and directed the "Ensemble OASIS" which presented oriental music and dance shows, as well as the group MELTIN'POT which performed exclusively his own compositions, a true examples of "World Music" being a fusion of western classical, jazz, funk, African and oriental music. He recorded in France with several artists (Cheb MAMI, Karim KACEL, Sara ALEXANDER, Didier MALHERBE, Steve SHEHAN, Francois MECHALI), in Germany and in Belgium with the singer Catherine DELASALLE. He participated in many national radios broadcasting with France Musique, France Culture, and France Inter.

He has performed as a soloist on the Sarod in the concert given at the international gathering for the 50th anniversary of Human Rights in Palais de Chaillot, Paris. He has composed, arranged and performed for the theatre, for films, dance and fashion-shows. 

Since 2006, he lives in Ubud, Bali (Indonesia) where, beside producing, arranging, recording and collaborating with local or visiting artists, he is performing his own music and producing, in his home-studio, tracks that feature ethnic instruments and eastern scales along with funky rhythms, electronic music and  virtual instruments.

Anello Capuano artistic statement

Anello CAPUANO is a various string and percussion instruments performer as well as a producer, a composer and an arranger in the field of ancient, oriental, fusion and improvised music. He is also a comedian trained in the Commedia dell'Arte tradition and works occasionally as a stage-director, costume-designer and make-up artist. 

Drawn since an early age to everything artistic, along with learning and playing music, he has written poetry and short stories, did a lot of drawing and painting, some wood-carving as well as tapestry, carpet and furniture design and in his travel's years earned his life mainly as a goldsmith, a craft he has learned travelling around in Rajasthan (India).  

Travelling has been another of his lifelong passions and since ever he feels very much attracted towards all the ancient, refined cultures of the East which lead him to spend 20 years in different eastern countries studying the various cultures, religions, life-styles and musical traditions. 

An all-time music lover he listens and appreciates all kinds of music as much as it is played with creativity, imagination, passion, and with the urge to share some kind of emotions. As a true citizen of the world, he doesn't feel the need to belong to any particular culture but claims the privilege to draw his inspiration from any source from any part of the world and consequently, his music is definitely "world music", multi-colored, multi-facets and not confined within any specific cultural border-lines. 

He counts among his many influences Frank ZAPPA, the Balinese GAMELAN, the ARS NOVA and Francesco LANDINI, the MUSICALS made in Hollywood back in the Studio era, Mohammed Abdel WAHAB, the French MUSIC-HALL and the early English and American VAUDEVILLE, Duke ELLINGTON, KABUKI and CHINESE OPERA, Ali Akbar KHAN, the rural BLUES, THE INCREDIBLE STRING BAND, the popular music from MADAGASCAR and the classical music from AZERBAIJAN, SERGENT PEPPER's LONELY HEART CLUB BAND, the sounds of the African CORA and of the Afghani RUBAB, Fred ASTAIRE and Faramarz PAYVAR, FLAMENCO and KATHAK, and ... 

He dislikes carelessness, hypocrisy, narrow-minded people and old French camembert but he definitely likes sense of humor, palm-trees, imagination and passion, Mediterranean and Indian cuisine, fairness, all the wonders of Nature and being in love, and...